First half of the released GTX Titan Z is NVIDIA’s latest Dual-Core flagship, which is featuring two full GK110 Core, total 5760 CUDA core, VRAM of 12GB memory, floating point performance is around 8TFLOPS, price is also High as Specifications $2,999. I hope many of you know that price is not doing justice in terms of Gaming performance and also if we compare it with AMD Dual-Core latest Flagship R9 295×2 which is priced at almost Half of it. So using luxurious configuration like Titan Z in consumer-level graphics card is a bit Qucai, NVIDIA GTX Titan Z will soon bump in the Professional Card, Tesla version and named as Tesla K80. The current Top-end Tesla K40 is featuring single GK110 Core.

In NVIDIA’s driver version 340.61, Laptopvideo2go Forum User found something interesting in the version 5.011 .inf file, there is a big wave of new cards are present, many of them are currently known. The most prominent is the Telsa K80, Tesla K8, GRID M3, Tesla M40, etc.

The GTX Titan Z turned into professional card, Tesla K80 appeared

From the most high-end NVIDIA’s Tesla product line currently Tesla K40 is on Top, using a GK110 core, 2880 CUDA cores, 12GB memory, and the new Tesla K80 is rumored to be featured Dual-core GK110 Core. We can say GTX Titan Z Professional Edition, using the same PCB, 2 GK110 Cores, 5760 CUDA cores, consumer-grade Titan Z memory capacity is 12GB, it is not clear whether the memory capacity will be raised to 24GB.

Personally thinking 24GB memory capacity is more difficult, Titan Z is already using 4Gb memory particles, still need the front and back of each arrangement of 12 memory particles to reach the  24GB memory.

In addition, Tesla Series M suffix will be re-introduced products, before Fermi M2090 era used this name.

INF file in the driver appeared about 50 models in total graphics device ID, remove some of the known, there are still dozens of unknown new equipment ID, NVIDIA will also launch Qaudro products this month, next month will launch a new generation GM204 core graphics card, the most recent period will be very busy.

Detailed specifications and prices have yet to be announced, but consumer-grade GTX Titan Z is priced at $2,999, the price of commercial Tesla K80 could not imagine ah.

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