The hype around the PlayStation 5 continues to deflate, after knowing that the Spider-Man Miles Morales will only run the game on 4K @ 60 FPS through a Performance Mode, where the visual quality will be reduced, now we know that the graphics silicon that gives life to the console uses the RDNA1.5 architecture and not RDNA2. Obviously, there is no such architecture, just for the reference that it is somewhere in between. This means that it is actually RDNA 1.0 with some improvements that RDNA 2.0 will bring.

This information came directly from Rosario Leonardi, principal engineer of Sony itself, who, after spending the whole night playing Ghost of Tsushima, indicated that the graphic architecture of the PlayStation 5 “is a middle ground between RDNA1 and RDNA2, with some unique features.”

A Twitter user, Blue Nugroho, shared the screenshot taken from a private conversation between another users, Gavin Stevens, and Rosario Leonardi. Apparently Stevens, in an attempt to snatch some information from Rosario Leonard, received the following response:

Hi, it’s 5 in the morning and I spent the whole night playing Ghost of Tsushima. Tomorrow I will check which detail has been disclosed. I know you are curious, but I am legally bound and I cannot say anything that has not been made public. As you probably know, the architecture of PS5 is a middle ground between RDNA1 and RDNA2, with some unique features. PlayStation 4 Pro was also a strange hybrid between GCN2 and 4 “.


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