PCTuning.com the first website which leaked the specifications of the GTX 980 has released GM200 GPU’s technical specifications, although this can also be the new titan or the new GTX 980 Ti. Still Rumor, so take this news with a pinch of salt and it is not sure if all are correct in it or it could not be correct at all anyway these all are rumors. Previously we have also seen that the Representatives of MSI gave a little clue about Gtx 980Ti entry and they are also willing to implement their Lightning Cooler on Gtx 980Ti.  Anyway, it is not still known what will be this new GM200 will be called let’s leave this topic and check out the specifications below.

The GM200 real specs might have been leaked: GTX 980TI is coming? 

Die Size: 551mm^2
SMMs/CUDA Cores: 20-22/ 2560-2816
Memory Bus: 384 Bit
Performance: ~50% Boost over GTX Titan Black
Launch: Q4 2014

If it follows the same trend as Gm204 then it will be out in 2 months and the GM200 chip/GTX 980 Ti/TitanX is completely ready.This is further confirmed by shipping portal zauba.com.There is been entry only for the nomenclature ‘INT’ which means internal testing the entry also appeared on 12th August 2014.we are going to see an amazing boost in gaming performance from 204 to 200 due to it being having double the performance per watt of the GK110core.Well GM 200 could be an ultimate turmp card against AMD too.Anyway we could see more leak about this soon.

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