According to the listing on Amazon, The Division Underground expansion is coming our way with lots of new elements and missions. At the moment Ubisoft has not officially announced it. But according to the listings, it will come with Microsoft’s XBOX One on June 28. It was likewise said that this development will preload on June 25.

The Divison Underground Expansion Release Date Leaked



At the moment listing has been removed from Amazon UK and Germany, but we were able to capture a screenshot of it.

Three paid expansions are also planned throughout the year, and will be available to players with a Season Pass or to those who buy the Gold or Collector’s Edition of the game. In June, the Underground expansion will send you to hunt enemies in the vast mazes of tunnels and subways that run under Manhattan. Underground will be followed by Survival later in the summer, which will challenge you to survive for as long as possible in a very hostile environment while gathering supplies and equipment. Finally, Last Stand will arrive along with winter, challenging players with a new, relentless threat.

The Division’s first significant expansion ought to be uncovered at E3 2016. Ubisoft is facilitating a press conference at the end of the day. The organization is assuming control over EA’s spot for E3, EA is facilitating its on occasion and won’t show up at E3 2016.

For the Ubisoft’s press conference at E3 2016, we are wanting to see Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor and Eagle VR.