Closed Beta for the anti-cipated, The Division is currently under way to the top three platforms, which was started from 28th January, then from 29th for other two platforms, will be running until Sunday.

Many players got the chance to experience the beta while there are still some gamers out there, waiting for keys or access to the beta. As per the reports, “Ubisoft can’t guarantee the access to the beta” due to some limitations on the servers.

Ubisoft to Limit the Beta Access

Due to the unprecedented demand for access to The Division Closed Beta, we can no longer guarantee access. If you have already pre-ordered The Division and have yet to receive your key, we’re working closely with our partners to ensure that you receive it tomorrow when we send out the next batch of keys.

For those of you that have not pre-ordered but are on the waiting list for The Division Beta, please know that we want to get as many people in the Beta as possible. However, space will be severely limited for the rest of the beta testing phase due to high-demand.

The confirmation came right from the Community Manager, Natchai Stappers. It was also stated that the community is working on the beta access for those who had pre-ordered the game and they might be able to play by tomorrow.

The Division is scheduled for release on March 8th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: Ubisoft

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