Tom Clancy’s The Division was released in March this year with a good number of online players at launch. The number started declining after a couple of weeks due to the bugs, hacking issues during online play and the lack of game content that disappointed many players.

Things started getting back on track after the developer studio Ubisoft Massive worked hard to improve the game performance through updates, public test server and the survival mode, after which most of the players started to re-join the game. Good thing for The Division fans is that they will be receiving another update next week that will address a number of bugs and will bring DirectX 12 support for the game.

DirectX 12 support for the game was spotted earlier but the studio decided to hold the support for a while and work on the game’s update 1.5 and the survival mode. However, fans should be happy as the new update is going to bring performance optimization on different resolutions and also the reported issue of performance degradation due to high CPU usage.

According to the Steam’s announcement page of the game, the new update will be addressing ‘multitude of issues’.

  • Fixed the issue that caused the loss of character controls
  • Lowered performance impact with high CPU usage
  • Fixed issues with controllers on PC

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The Division is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developers will be hosting Elite Task Force at Red Storm in North Carolina from January 11th to 13th where the PvP balancing and the Dark Zone for Update 1.6 will be focused. Stay tuned for more updates!