Tom Clancy’s The Division is still left with the two new expansion packs which will be released sometime soon. The shooter was released last year, but faced a rough time and witnessed players drop out rate in a good number.

Since then, the studio has been working to get things back together and improve the game performance with updates, public test server and other stuff. However, the game’s creative director has to say something regarding the upcoming expansion packs.

According to creative director Julian Gerighty, the next expansion packs will be rolled out within the time frame of 12 months and both of them will be available for free to players across all the platforms. The free expansion packs will be offered in the celebration of completion of The Division’s first year.

While Ubisoft hasn’t detailed the upcoming DLCs of The Division, but reports suggest that the next expansion pack is due sometime this Summer. According to the studio, the upcoming DLC will reward players for participating in the game events and other activities. Here’s what the creative director said to Game Rant while talking about the expansion packs;

One of the biggest pieces of new content is an events structure, which will reward players for participation, completion, and competition within a playlist of activities that have a modifier. Basically, taking a set number of activities within the game and adding a spin to them that makes players see them in a whole different light and play them in a whole different way.

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The Division is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Last month, the studio released update 1.6, introducing several tweaks and gameplay fixes along with the DLC, Last Stand. Stay tuned for more updates!

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