With the release of the most anticipated title from Ubisoft camp “The Division“, we have graphical comparisons not only between the PC, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version, but also with the E3 version which was showcased by Ubisoft in 2013, one can notice with the naked eye that there is a huge difference between the final build and E3 2013 version.

The Division on PC Vs Xbox One Vs PS4, Graphics Comparison

Thanks to the guys at Candyland for video, as you can see above from the above comparison that the PC version has slightly better shadows and greater draw distance than console versions, beyond this there is not much difference in terms of graphics. Regarding the PlayStation 4 against the Xbox One, the thing is fairly evenly matched, so it is practically impossible to select a winner.

Without any doubt, the PC version is running at highest quality with the NVIDIA HBAO + technology enabled, the visual differences only result in improved shadows and draw distance, because when it comes to textures, all are sharing almost same node.

Now we have a comparison of final build that has come in 2016 with the “original version” of the game before being castrated, where we can see a pretty spectacular graphic jump. Lighting, reflections, textures, particles, in all aspects of the game for PC in 2013 was considerably higher than the version of 2016, we could summarize that the final version of 2016 seems to execute a minimum quality (like consoles) while the title of 2013 will be running as Ultra.