Today we have some leaked details regarding The Division comes from Reddit forum, at launch the game will feature only 26 missions. With each mission, it takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes to complete, it is estimated that it’ll take11 hours to get through The Division’s core content. This means that the rest of the story will be completed by DLCs where the city of Brooklyn will be included.

Luckily, the game will also come with multiplayer mode (Dark Zone PvP area), so it will extend the playing time, all being dressed by just over 100 different weapons. The game was highly praised among reviewers, though we heard about the reports that PC Gamers were cheating openly in the first beta after they managed to get access on some client file, after which the Ubisoft had to respond that it is due to some glitches which is being addressed by the team.

The Division has 26 missions, total 11 hours of campaign

Before the release, Ubisoft launched the open and the closed Beta of this game and Ubisoft thank their fans in an open note as more than 6.4 million people accessed the open beta The Division. As a result, the company broke the record of the number of users in a beta of a new intellectual property. All these players dropped an average of 4 hours and 52 minutes gameplay and most of the time was spent in the Dark Zone.

The game is scheduled for release on 8th March, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!