Tom Clancy’s The Division is all set to get its final expansion pack named as the ‘Last Stand‘ as well as the update 1.6 in the coming weeks. The expansion pack was announced previously and a teaser was also released earlier this week, while today, the developer studio published a new blog post that detailed the final expansion as well as update 1.6 of The Division.

The Division Expansion Last Stand, Update 1.6 Detailed by Ubisoft

According to the Ubisoft, the final expansion will be PvP focused, adding a good PvP experience as well as better PvE options, will expand the Dark Zone in the form of three new sectors in the game and bring a new Incursion in the game’s world. The expansion Last Stand will split the Dark Zone into four maps, allowing players to travel in the double sized Dark Zone.

The expansion Last Stand is an eight on eight PvP game mode where each team will be split into groups of four and will have to capture at least three points. The expansion will also be introducing new game progression system, similar to Underground expansion. The rank upgrade will players with a new cache of items.

“Each map has three tactical locations – A, B, and C – that in turn are divided into three encryption points that all need to be controlled in order to start the data transfer. Over the course of a game, you will try to control as many of these locations as possible, while neutralizing any points held by the enemy team” according to Ubisoft

The studio has also provided details and the patch notes for the update 1.6 that will be released alongside the final expansion pack. The update will be adding fast traveling between Dark Zone checkpoints, Contamination events, new areas, difficulty mode, new currency and new range of items in the in-game store for the players and much more.

Check out the complete patch notes right here.

Release date for The Division expansion Last Stand is yet to be announced and the expansion pack along with the update 1.6 will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously, unlike the previous expansion packs which were timed exclusive for PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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