Ubisoft released a new trailer for its highly anticipated The Division, title that will arrive on March 8 flaunting advanced graphics offers for owners of NVIDIA graphics cards thanks to the NVIDIA GameWorks technology. Anders Holmquist, technical director of The Division, describes the NVIDIA technology integrated into the PC version of the game such as HBAO + and PCSS.

The Division boasts NVIDIA GameWorks Technology

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As you can see, there are improvements, though admittedly that could achieve the same finishes without proprietary technology, just look at the example shown in the shadows that seem drawn from its console version. As expected, they also showed us how the framerate behaves when using the technology used, as this technology is best known for significantly impair computer performance rather than make a significant graphical improvement.

Before the release, Ubisoft launched the open and the closed Beta of this game and Ubisoft thank their fans in an open note as more than 6.4 million people accessed the open beta The Division. As a result, the company broke the record of users in a beta of a new intellectual property. All these players dropped an average of 4 hours and 52 minutes gameplay and most of the time was spent in the Dark Zone.

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