Tom Clancy’s The Division was released earlier this year, having a huge number of active players at launch that started dropping following the bugs, lack of content and hacking issues that were reported by many.

As a result, many players decided to stop playing that led to the big drop in players count. However, it seems that things are coming back on the track as according to the company, the number of players of The Division are back to the level of launch. Ubisoft has worked hard to improve the game’s performance and fix the reported issues.

According to Ubisoft’s Vice President Anne Blondel, the game witnessed a rise in the players count back to it used to have daily at the launch after the patch 1.4 and people started realizing the fact that the company promised to address the reported issues, which they did through a number of patches.

“Some players left the game earlier than what we thought, then we had to make that tough call – do we keep providing them with extra content or do we stop everything for a while, settle down, fix everything and then once the game is where it should be, then we start providing more content.”

According to the figures detailed in Steam Chart, the number of gamers playing The Division hit the peak of about 22,000 players this weekend. It must be noted that this is the number of concurrent players, i.e, gamers playing The Division at the same time, not the total players count and secondly, the number includes only those players who purchased the game on Steam while there are many out there who have it on their Uplay account.

Recently, Ubisoft released patch 1.5 along with the game’s Survival DLC for PC and Xbox One users, while the update and the DLC will be released for PS4 on December 20th. Stay tuned for more updates!

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