Already many have resigned on a possible launch or at least an official confirmation on Half-life 3, although this does not mean that Valve has not worked on it. According to Andrew Reiner of GameInformer, the development of Half-Life 3 was a “hot mess” and had a lot of different prototypes worked on by several small groups.

The Development of Half-Life 3 was a “Hot Mess”


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Andrew Reine said that while he was investigating a story on the game, one developer provided some “legitimate information” on the various prototypes (range from an adventure game to real-time strategy).

“There were so many different prototypes being worked on by small teams of four or five people. It just never got off the ground,” according to Reiner. “They said two of the directions they were going in: one was going to be an RTS game for Half Life 3 or Episode Three, whatever they were going to call it that changed the script.

“The other involved live actors. It was going to be a new kind of adventure action game with actual actors. Kind of like Night Trap, but far advanced. Apparently they were working on these things.”

He said that other people he reached out to “didn’t want to talk about it all,” which lead to “dead end after dead end.

You can listen to this yourself in the link to the video below:

Unfortunately, Andrew Reiner was not able to get other developers to talk about his collaboration on the Half-Life 3. However, this new information gives us insight into why we never (until now) had a third installment of the Half-Life saga.