The biggest prize in E-sports history won by Newbee at Dota 2 International championship 2014 AKA T14

The event took place at Key Arena Seattle washington on July 21st


Key Arena Seattle washington on July 21st

The prize pool for the whole tournament was 10,931,105 US$

46% of the total prize pool was given to the first place which was 5,028,308 US

And runner up Vici Gaming got 13.5% of the pool which is 1,475,699 US
And the rest was distributed among the teams getting other positions
Newbee and Vici are both from china
And the Fan favorite Na’vi was eliminated in the Quater finals.
Out of 5 matches first match was won by Vici and after that Newbee won 3 matches in a row.

For those who missed the match, watch it here: Link