With the continued rise in popularity of online casinos, thanks partly to the pandemic, it can be overwhelming to look through extensive lists of these slots and table game peddlers. Instead, these casinos do one or two things much better than the competition and that’s what we’re reviewing here.

Online casinos generally offer a variety of games like slots, poker, and table games (roulette, blackjack, baccarat etc.). Some will feature their own set of games and most will have live casino. Additionally, casinos add deposit bonuses and have their own deposit and withdrawal methods. 

To get a more in-depth analysis of the best casinos available, head to canadasportsbetting. For now, we will look at which casinos offer the best games and/or features by category.

Best casinos by category

With all the different games and features every top online casino presents, it’s tough to pin one down as the definitive “best.” Instead, focus on what games and what features you’ll need the most and go from there.

Best bonus: Spin Palace

Casino bonuses are like opinions: everyone has one. But Spin Palace has them all beat with deposit bonuses totalling $1,000. This requires three separate bonuses that can yield $400, $300, and $300 maximum per take for a total of $1,000.

Depositing with Spin Palace is easy and they take over a dozen methods including VISA, Instadebit, and cryptocurrency.

Best Poker: Betway

A staple to any solid casino, Betway’s Poker is both varied and versatile, perfect for any type of player. Betway allows players to be active on multiple tables at once and their mobile app is easy-to-use and lends to this experience.

Additionally, Betway provides up to 200% first deposit bonus up to $750 for poker players, which can be cleared by continuing to play around the casino (following terms).

Best Slots: 888

888 is one of the best online casinos and their slots is a big reason why. They offer a wide range of slots – over hundreds with themes limited only by imagination – and have multiple ways of winnings with great payouts. 

What makes 888’s slots even better is how transparent they are. They publish a monthly report of their payout to allow players to confirm winnings. 

The top developers like NetEnt and Microgaming also work extensively with 888 owing to their reputation as the best slots provider.

Best Bingo: Spin Palace

A lot of online casinos seem to neglect bingo, maybe thinking only retirement homes ever take it seriously. But not Spin Palace. The casino features a solid lineup of bing games from Ballistic Bingo to Electro Bingo to Super Bonus Bingo. 

These bingo games offer a different experience be it cosmetic features like an Egyptian or South American theme or a better payout like Super Bonus Bingo. 

Best Table Games: PowerPlay

Table games are the bread-and-butter of most casinos and PowerPlay doubles up on this premise. PowerPlay casino features a heavy dose of Blackjack and Roulette games available both live and in video table form. 

PowerPlay also offers other popular table games like Keno, Baccarat, and the ever-exciting live spinning wheel: Dream Catcher. Whatever you fancy, there’s plenty of choices here.

Best Live Casino: Bet365

Bet365’s acclaimed live betting platform extends to its casino. They feature live video streams with a live chat room that transforms the experience into a true virtual casino.

But this isn’t earth-shattering news. Instead, Bet365’s quality is top-of-the-line with streams being smooth and live games always available for broadcast or for joining. They also offer nearly a dozen live games. 

When it comes to live casino action, Bet365 should be on your shortlist.

Best for Deposits & Withdrawals: PowerPlay

PowerPlay is one of the newer online casino gaming providers and it shows with their interface, their game selection, and their deposit and withdrawal methods. 

Most of the older casinos tend to be limited here, especially with withdrawals. But PowerPlay offers a dozen methods to deposit or withdraw money including cryptocurrency, VISA, and Interac. You’ll have no hassles transferring cash over so you can play right away.

Best for Cryptocurrency users: Bovada/Bodog

While most casinos today accept cryptocurrency, Bovada/Bodog actually encourages this, with bitcoin in particular. Bovada/Bodog has been known to offer additional rewards for bitcoin users. 

Although this comes with a catch as Bovada/Bodog can be limited in other deposit and withdrawal methods. Players who want to use bitcoin strictly should consider this casino.

Best customer service: Bet365

As one of the most reputable casino and sportsbook entities, Bet365’s customer service is topnotch. They have a 24/7 live chat and are relatively quick with their email correspondence.

Should you encounter any issues or need some extra help, you can give them a call and they are quick and professional. As far as legitimacy goes, Bet365 is on top.