Next week, particularly on Thursday, 27 August, AMD will launch its Radeon R9 Nano, the world’s most powerful mini-ITX graphics card, because it is only 15 centimeters long and according to leaked benchmarks, its performance will be comparable to Radeon R9 290x, with the best of everything the power consumption is only 175W.

AMD Radeon R9 Nano Smiles For Camera, Launching in August


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The Radeon R9 Nano is supposedly based on the fully-fledged “Fiji” graphics processing unit with 4096 stream processors, 256 texture units, 64 raster operations pipelines and also 4096-bit memory interface. The card comes with 4GB of high-bandwidth memory operating at 1GHz, which offers 512GB/s of bandwidth. It is a serious rival to the GeForce GTX 970 in every way, as it would be more powerful, much smaller, and its power consumption is also only 175W, which is why the graphics card requires  one single PCI-Express 8-pin connector for power (which leaves a theoretical margin for Overclocking 50W).

Benchmarks, in which DGLee from IYD.KR reports that the Unigine Heaven benchmark running at 4K with the R9 Nano bumping out 26FPS. These figures are from AMD themselves, flaunting the bandwidth per stream processor. The R9 290X has 320GB/sec of memory bandwidth, with 2816 stream processors, allowing the R9 290X with 0.1136GB/sec. The R9 Nano with its 4096 stream processors and 512GB/sec bandwidth courtesy of HBM, offers0.1250GB/sec. With regards to the power efficiency, the R9 Nano has 0.152 FPS/watt, whilst the R9 290X offers 0 .076 FPS/watt… a huge boost in the R9 Nano’s favor.

As per a friend of mine and tech expert (Pip) from Game-Debate, R9 Nano will be around 2% slower than GTX 980 and consumes 10 watts more Vs. GTX 980.

We have to wait for one week in order to see its official performance and price that accompanies it, we are hoping that this time AMD will not disappoint us.

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