It seems like we now know what AMD has got for 2015. It seems like the new pirate islands R9 380X GPU will be what AMD is going to give us in 2015. Well, now even though rumor the pirate island will be on the 20mn process now it is now a good news to those who are doubting that the 20nm delay to continue until after the second quarter of 2015 ( well maybe this is the reason why NVIDIA would keep the GM200 GPU as a trump card). AMD will be releasing R0 380X ‘Fiji’ GPU first, then the flagship R9 390X ‘Bermuda’ GPU probably after some time. The HDMI 2.0 which is an upgrade of the HDMI 1.4 will be available for the pirate islands along with the Display Port 1.3.

TSMC increases production of 20nm

The rumors are not yet finished; the rumor is AMD will not utilize the 20nm process for CPUs, and it will also not use the 20nm node for the APUs according to but all these are rumors. It might because 20nm planar is too young to go on direct and be used for the complex architecture which is an HSA based APU. TSMC’s 20nm processor also can’t use the double patterning and triple patterning techniques, which are pretty essential now. AMD could jump into 20nm processor and let the Carrizo APU stay at the 28nm node for now.

AMD Pirate Island


Well, it is probably sure that AMD will be, in fact, releasing the 20nm GPU, which is Raedon RP 380X in the quarter one of 2015, then the Maxwell GM200 GPU will be launched by NVIDIA before 2015 ends, and it will be in a sync, isn’t it not? And NVIDIA will dance for half a year with the full monopoly by this releasing pattern. It can be destroyed if TSMC won’t play the favorites which will cause the great Red Vs. Green war on the 20nm Node, when the GM204 / GM200 20nm ports are pitted against the Pirate Islands chips. Anyway, in whoever side you are, you wouldn’t want red to lose completely now will you? By all this, we already know that AMD has accepted its fate and is doing its best for 2015.

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