In addition to being the undisputed leader in electric vehicles, Tesla Motors is also a leader in the world of self-drive cars. Despite the fears and reservations of Elon Musk about how much Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be allowed, the company realized that you cannot make a true self-driving car without giving the car a degree of automatic learning and AI, in order to learn from the environment that surrounds you in real time and maneuver with a certain agility.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

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Because of this, Tesla is designing its own custom AI chip. This SoC will have a semi-custom development in collaboration with the king of semi-custom chips, AMD.

In addition to having a custom design tailored to your needs, Tesla takes advantage of AMD’s clear GPGPU performance advantage over NVIDIA. AMD is probably also betting on good prices, greater freedom through Intellectual Property thanks to open standards, and a long history of semi-custom chips, developing semi-custom chips with technology giants like Sony and Microsoft to give life to their consoles.

Elon Musk confirmed through his official Twitter account that the first car that you can simply enter, fall asleep and wake up at your destination will be a reality within two years, alluding to a launch in 2019. This would mean that a large part of the development of the chip is focused on offering such intelligence to be a reality.

After this news, AMD shares have increased their value by 4.73%.