Yesterday, the Chinese company Tencent announced the start of services at its largest data center in the Chinese city of Qingyuan, Guangdong province, which has the capacity to host more than 1 million servers.

This is the largest new infrastructure project to date in the entire South China region and uses Tencent’s Fourth Generation T-Block technology. Using this technology, data center modules can be delivered in a standardized and produced form, making the complex construction of the data center as simple as placing building blocks.

In addition, the data center also uses the first Star Lake servers developed by Tencent. Late last year, Tencent Cloud was tasked with announcing the Star Lake server platform based on the Second Generation AMD EPYC Processor (ROME @ 7nm) at the Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Conference.

According to Tencent, Star Lake adopts advanced thermal siphon technology to improve peak load efficiency by 50 percent. These servers with AMD EPYC ROME processors have been designed and optimized to meet cloud computing, storage, and networking requirements, and to effectively meet 98 percent of Tencent’s cloud application scenarios.

When it comes to performance, Tencent has previously reported a 35 percent performance improvement over its previous servers with Intel CPUs, while in specific workloads, such as QPS (queries per second), there is a performance improvement of up to 150 percent.



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