Tekken X Street Fighter, here I come!

You might have heard about Tekken X Street Fighter. Haven’t? Well, it’s a crossover fighting game being developed by Bandai Namco Games for PS4. I won’t go into detail about what the game is about as it was announced in 2010 so let’s talk business. Recently, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V were officially unveiled — this intrigued people about how would Tekken X Street Fighter look like on PS4.

Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken producer, has confirmed that the game is still in developmental phase. He also said that the base system has already been completed. That’s a big relief! Oh and, the game won’t be released until they’re done with Tekken 7 and its additional updates so we gotta hang on tight.

Tekken 7 is expected to hit the Japanese Arcades in early 2015. The game will make its way to consoles and perhaps PC as well. On the other hand, Street Fighter V is 20% complete so far, which means that this game will consume some good time before it’s in the market.

Tekken X Street Fighter is expected to release in 2017 after doing the math but it’s not official yet. So hang on tight guys and gals, the game is a blend! And I really love blended stuff. I hope you do too. I think it’s a happy news for our PS4 fellas.

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