Tekken 7, is getting another challenger as Jack 7. Namco Bandai declared Jack’s entry close by another gameplay trailer, demonstrating the renowned character in a gameplay trailer.

Tekken 7 has got a Player Update, Jack-7 has made an entry 


Jack has been an individual from Tekken’s program through the years and have upheld diverse looks in every installment, which he has been a part of. Same is the situation this time around as Jack-7 backings a pink mohawk and green neon light going through his abdominal area framing.

In the feature above, he is seen tackling Alisa who is no match for his effective punches and kicks that are separated from everyone else enough to smash her bones. Jack-7 will be playable in Tekken 7 arcade in a couple of days.

Tekken 7 was reported a year ago and is being produced on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. The title is as of now accessible to players in the Japanese arcades, however, Namco has affirmed that it will be discharged on consoles and in different districts soon.

Tekken’s program highlights some notable characters like Paul Phoenix, Kazuya, King, Heihachi and some more. As uncovered some time recently, the game will wrap-up the Mishima family adventure.

Look at the new footage above and tell us how tough ass gangsta Jack-7 looks in the remarks underneath.

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