Bandai Namdo, studio behind the famous fighter franchise Tekken 7 has announced that the new game will be getting two new playable guest characters from the  other video games’ licenses in the upcoming DLC for Winter of this year and Spring 2018.

The studio didn’t provide the exact names of two upcoming guest characters and certainly, Akuma will not be the one of both the characters. Last year, it was announced that villain of Street Fighter V, Akuma will be joining the game as a playable character.

While the studio did provide further details related to the game’s three downloadable contents which will be adding a great number of new costumes, new game mode and special costumes for both the guest characters.

The first post-launch DLC will be released during Summer this year, adding a brand new and unannounced game mode and more than 50 new costumes. While the second and third one will be adding a guest character from other video games’ licenses each, special stage and special costumes for both the characters and will be released in Winter this year and Spring 2017 respectively.

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According to the developers, all of these three additional contents will be included in the game’s Season Pass and will be available for separate purchase as well, with the prices to be announced later. Additionally, the season pass also grants access to 35 exclusive metallic costumes.

“During the coming year, all players from all platforms will also enjoy free character panels they will be able to use to customize their favorite character’s image displayed during the loading screen,”

Tekken 7 will be released on June 2nd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates.

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