Microsoft recently released paper will inevitably set off a new round of DX12 graphics war horn, but this war manufacturers joined Qualcomm, but also a substantial influx of mobile devices on the battlefield.

Recently, Foreign media said they got the news that NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor capable of full support (Fully Support) DX12, and rumors 64 edition was canceled, processor Tegra K1 also nonsense.

GPU part Tegra K1 comes from Kepler architecture, support for OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenGL 4.4 and DX11, etc., and now DX12 has been officially released, due to NVIDIA Kepler architecture able to support DX12, so in fact Tegra K1 supports DX12 is also something to be expected.

But we still want to “full support” once reservations, after all, AMD and NVIDIA have not dare own a desktop graphics card can fully support current DX12, DX12 and taking into account the characteristics have not been fully released, so Tegra K1 able to complete support DX12 hope is not large, but supports most of the features are no problem.

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