In gambling, as in any other business, it is important to keep the entire process under control. The casino system is a strong teamwork that includes many people. It is absolutely impossible in the gambling industry without a designer, financier, manager and many other professions. There is always a large selection in the personnel department, everyone must have certain skills and knowledge. This includes teamwork, but first the operators need to solve the problem of team building. In our article, you will learn about the most important specialties in online gambling, as well as the best casino creators on the Internet.

Casino Designer: Game Artist

From visual aesthetics to user-friendly UX design, there are many things to think about when creating an interface for free no-download slots. The high-quality design of online gambling is very important, the resource is equally important with efficient software and variety. That is why the designer is indispensable in the online casino industry. A well-organized appearance of the gambling portal contributes to attracting new users and retaining regular customers. The job of a graphic designer is to solve several complex and necessary tasks at the same time. A product created by a specialist should be bright, unique, memorable, suitable for printing and taking into account the peculiarities of the organization. Casino designers form layouts of covers, pages, work on the creation or selection of fonts, illustrate or develop collages from photographs and drawings, work on the corporate identity. The profession requires not only creative thinking, but creativity as well. It is the designers who make the appearance of all free slot machines special and interesting. A graphic designer, whose salary will differ depending on the field of activity, must be fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator InDesign programs. The work of a casino designer is very complex and important, every step needs to be organized and thought out competently. Here is some of them:

  • the originality of the design and the breadth of a non-annoying color palette, thanks to which the unique design of free slots no download not only attracts attention, but also motivates the player to stay on the site longer;
  • simple theme replacement. Players can change the appearance of the web page based on personal preference;
  • an accessible and informative slideshow that will allow you to quickly find out the latest promotions and news.

The main responsibilities of a graphic designer:

  • knowledge of the basic concepts of design: color, composition, the basics of painting and drawing;
  • possession of graphic programs other than those specified earlier: QuarkXPress I CorelDraw;
  • specializes in the field of design knowledge: types and genres of graphics, work with fonts, the use of photographs and illustrations in design, typography.

In addition, advertising / printing skills, knowledge of 3D modeling software and the ability to draw by hand are encouraged. It is thanks to the work of this person that you can enjoy beautiful and colorful free casino slot games for fun, each type is thought out separately. When designing the look and feel of casino slot machines, a designer must consider many factors, including the use of a color tint to stimulate user reactions. For example, red often encourages the client to take the desired action, while black symbolizes prestige and elegance. A free slot machine web portal should be lightweight, fast loading pages and responsive to user input.

Game Developer: Software Engineer

A software engineer in the casino market plays a very important role, because his task is to create the game itself, the gameplay that you enjoy in an online casino. Thanks to these experts, your time at free casino games no download is as comfortable and convenient as possible. A good gambling developer should specialize in programming, visualization, and game concepts, as well as choosing the tools to complete the tasks. This is a very correct profession for anyone interested in computer science. The free slots games developer can work both independently and in a team consisting of managers, game designers, sound engineers, testers and other IT specialists. The composition of the team depends on the budget of the project, but with minimal funding, the game developer takes on the responsibilities of all experts or tasks that he can complete. After completing a short preparatory course, game developers can bring in mobile app designers, game developers, and other IT professionals. To create simple and cool free slots with bonuses, an expert must have extensive programming knowledge, but if he wants to earn more, he must spend a lot of time acquiring new knowledge: the Unity tool and other engines needed to create 2D and 3D games; object-oriented programming; learn the C # programming language, JavaScript with the Ajax framework, etc .; optimization of 2D and 3D games; 3D editors; stages of game design, drawing, rendering, animation, physics and other aspects of the game; the basics of mobile game development and much more. A software engineer is a versatile specialist who, after training, must be able to develop animation, visual effects, the concept of free slots casino games, design and basic principles of modeling.

Basic requirements for software engineers:

  • professional knowledge of programming languages;
  • possibility of hand drawing or using special programs;
  • knowledge of the unity and other mechanisms of the game;
  • ability to work with 3D editors, 3D modeling programs, and other game software development tools.

Casino Marketing Manager: Systems Specialist

The casino market is one of the most successful today: the income of online casino owners can only be compared with the profit of oil or gas producers. And this is not surprising. According to statistics, the number of players around the world is growing steadily. But in order for a gambling establishment to generate income, it will need an online casino promotion or marketing tool. That is why there is a profession of a systems specialist or, as it is also called, a marketing manager. The main responsibility of a marketing manager is to manage the perceived value of an online casino product. What is this for? The perceived value of the playground directly affects the ability to generate high returns. It is these experts who make free slots no download so popular among Internet users. The main task of such a casino marketing specialist is to promote online casinos using the following tools:

  • market analysis;
  • analysis of competitors;
  • creating and using a marketing strategy, etc.

Thus, increasing the consumer value of online casinos is the main goal and priority of the marketing manager. The following job responsibilities of a marketer can be distinguished:

  • research of online gambling market trends and results;
  • studying the behavior of gamblers on the Internet;
  • developing a competitive advantage;
  • approval of the online casino development strategy;
  • tactical casino merchandise management;
  • customer relationship management;
  • control and analysis of work results.

It should always be remembered that competent marketing from a highly qualified specialist in an online casino will lead to the desired result: many new users will learn about free casino games no download, who will come to enjoy the games and bring profit to the gambling club. The online casino marketing program is a multi-structured project that combines various technologies and specialized tools. The combined application of the following solutions has shown the greatest efficiency:

  • CRM. The literal translation of the abbreviation is “relationship management system.”;
  • SEO. This is a set of solutions and services for optimizing a gaming site and improving its position in search engine results;
  • SMM. The most convenient and effective way to reach your target audience is through live Communication in social networks;
  • affiliate marketing. The program is built on interaction with the owners of third-party resources;
  • Loyalty programs. For example, a casino may offer a unique set of bonus options.

Casino Finance Manager: Banking Controller

The financial manager of an online casino analyzes data on the risks of a gambling platform on the Internet, its needs for raising capital, evaluates the value of this business, and organizes control over investments and the movement of casino funds. This specialist will be the financial manager. Representatives of the profession of a financial manager in the field of online gambling are quite in demand in the labor market. The sphere of activity of a financial manager (bank controller) includes:

  • the development of a financial strategy for an online casino,
  • the formation of effective information systems,
  • an analysis of various aspects of financial activities,
  • planning of the financial activities of a casino,
  • the development of an effective system to stimulate the implementation of management decisions in the field of financial activities,
  • effective control over the implementation of management decisions in the field of financial activities,
  • asset management, capital management, investments management, cash flows management, financial risks management.

In general, this specialist is responsible for all internal and external financial processes. Professional financial managers take care of the budget of online casinos, free slots no download and other games in this area, as well as take part in concluding transactions and assessing the financial development of a foreign online casino project. Specialists in this area need knowledge and skills of working with banking and payment systems, as well as knowledge of tax and financial legislation. Financial managers also work with the casino budget, free slots no download taking over both internal and external financial processes on the Internet.

Affiliate Marketing Manager

There are some ways to promote online casinos, but affiliate marketing has earned the status of the most effective. The affiliate marketing coordinator (manager) is dedicated to creating and developing relationships with affiliates and serves as a bridge between these affiliates and the commercial editorial team.

The main responsibilities of an affiliate marketing manager are as follows:

  • outreach – he reaches out to potential partners daily, convincing them to join the affiliate program;
  • efficiency improvement – it helps existing partners improve their performance through suggestions, product updates, and content sharing.

His role in online gambling is irreplaceable. The main task of an affiliate manager is to maintain relationships with existing marketing partners and find new deals. Throughout their careers, such specialists can recruit a huge number of unique partners in all their diversity. Also, such a manager can rebuild the team of the department for work with affiliated partners and improve its work in all directions. The Head of Affiliate Partnerships must coordinate his department to be one of the best in the industry in terms of team member productivity versus headcount. It is interesting to note that 5-10 years ago, the main available type of marketing for an online gambling platform was affiliate marketing. Therefore, the presence on affiliate marketing sites for casinos was extremely important. With a player performance-based compensation affiliate payout model directed by an affiliate to a specific casino, the casino is not at risk and the money flow is effortlessly on their side. This created a favorable environment in which deals continued to grow due to competition from casinos, guaranteeing affiliates a significant share of the gambling business.

Top 3 Technical Specialists and Founders of Online Gambling Companies

  1. Denise Coates. Not every bookmaker will be included in the Forbes list, but Denise Coates did it, knowing in time to completely transfer betting to online. Denise Coates is the famous woman who created the Bet365 online casino. This gambling platform began its activity back in 2000 and its users are about 6 million gamblers from all over the world. For the fiscal year ended March 2019, Coates received £323m. And she was 244th on the Forbes list, which estimates her fortune at $12.5 billion. She currently owns 50.1% of the shares in the online casino Bet365, which makes her the main owner of this institution on the Internet. An interesting fact is that in 2009 Bet365 became the first bookmaker in England to show its customers a live broadcast of a football match – the teams of England and Ukraine met. It may well be that Coates will again have to work hard and stay awake at night. So far, she manages to bypass competitors: not so long ago, William Hill and Coral announced that they were closing 1,600 points. Bet365, which operates exclusively online, has recruited 600 new employees and has seen a significant increase in the number of users at the casino in recent years.
  2. Teddy Sagi. Teddy Sagi is a British billionaire of Israeli origin. He is the founder of the Playtech Corporation, which has become famous all over the world. The company specializes in the production of gambling software for licensed online casinos. The fortune of Saga is estimated at $3.3 billion. After the sale of most of the shares of Playtech, Teddy Sagi retained only one-third for himself, using all proceeds from the sale to finance Market Tech Holdings, of which he is currently the main shareholder. Teddy Sagi is one of the most popular and controversial figures in the gambling industry, ranking 65th in the Forbes ranking of the richest people in the tech industry, and 495th on the Forbes list of billionaires in 2016.
  3. Isai Scheinberg. We are sure that everyone who has ever encountered gambling poker on the Internet has previously heard that Isai Sheinberg created the famous online gambling platform Pokerstars back in 2001 with his son. According to the release of The Stars Group (TSG), in the first quarter of 2020, the gambling club’s profit was $735 million, which is 27% more compared to the same period a year ago. This profit growth was a record for TSG.
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