Techland stopped the development of Hellraid, with the excuse that they need to concentrate their efforts on successful Dying Light, for which they have released several patches, a tool for Modders and a new DLC. Game development of first-person fantasy seems to face more shocks as the Hellraid was expected to release in 2013, after delays the game is finally pointed to 2015.

CEO of Techland Pawel Marchewka, decided to clarify the situation of the promising game in an interview with Eurogamer, completely denying rumors of cancellation. The enormous delay is real and the idea of ​​returning to the early stages of development to face him again, but insisted that the study Hellraid return to work once they have finished with their obligations represents the Dying Light.

“Once we fulfill everything we want (for Dying Light), probably for not know, end of the third quarter of this year, perhaps we begin to send new materials and information [of Hellraid] or thinking about a release date, something like that. “

The reason I spoke to suspend development was simply to be honest with their fans, who were waiting for new information about Hellraid on E3 2015 and Gamescom 2015.

“It definitely is not dead. We just want to ensure that the needs of our players are satisfied Dying Light as soon as possible, and we need resources for that. “

It is rare that have had to turn back when they had several videos with gameplay and had returned to announce in April last year, but it’s great to be so honest with his fans and continue a study showing that they are working seriously. They did so with Dying Light, which had no beginning too happy, but slowly-and accompanied by the community, were placed on a good course. Everything is for the better.

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