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Rules: Answer True and false and give explanations of whatever you know about the Questions. See example below.

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Winner Selection: Among the First 200 commentors. In case of many correct answers and explanations the accounts will be given to random participants with most answers correct. Time 1 hour just 

1st prize : Burnout paradise 😀
2nd prize: Sims 3 🙂

Tech4Gamers Quiz - Sims 3 and Burnout Paradise Account For Winner


Tech4Gamers Quiz - Sims 3 and Burnout Paradise Account For Winner



1. The number in a standard DDR1/2/3 RAM name refers to the data rate in MT/s;

2. The peak transfer rate in MB/s (shown in CPU-Z as ‘PC1/2/3[…….]’) is always 32x the memory clock in MHz;


3. Assume a FLAC (lossless quality) game soundtrack is 54,000 kB big, the bitrate = 1.1 Mb/s: the track duration is closer to 6:00 (6 minutes) than 6:30;

4. An MP3 audio track that’s 9,500 kB in size = also >10 Mb in size.


5. A CPU’s Tcase specification gives the max. advised CPU surface temperature;

6. ‘CPU’ stands for: Chicken Pork Unicorn;


7.Ati Radeon HD 6450 > HD 5670 (greater in terms of performance);

8. If you want to avoid jagged edges/aliasing as much as possible (and apply AA), but don’t want to loose much FPS, focus on a card’s pixel rate rather than a card’s texel rate;


 Credit of Quiz to my friend Mark from Netherlands.
Next giveaway soon stay tuned 🙂 😀 :p

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