Since the introduction of the first 3-reel and 5-symbol slot in the early 1900s, the world has become addicted to the idea of winning money by chance. Casinos all across the globe are built around their slot machine experiences, and many of the best real money casinos and software providers pride themselves on their casino gaming software. Gambling review sites aim to provide you with all of the in-depth information you could want regarding the casino experience, and in this piece, we discuss the science behind the slot machine, both physical and online.

Physical Slots

When understanding how a slot machine operates, a few key terms need to be addressed. Firstly, the pay line. The pay line is the line on the slot machine that carries the most winning potential. When using a physical slot, the aim is to get matching symbols on it. Some slot machines can have more than one pay line, and many of these are based on achieving matching symbols.The symbols themselves are pasted onto a sheet of special paper that is attached to a reel. This reel is crucial because it works in conjunction with the lever or button pressed to start the spinning of the slot.

Another essential part to note is the virtual reel that aligns with the physical one. The virtual reel is typically weighted based on the rarity of a symbol. This is where a lot of the complex slot machine design and technology comes into play. Slots are designed to give the user the best experience, and their technology ensures that there is always a chance of getting the best outcome. When you pull the lever or press the button that starts the slot machine off, the process on the inside between the real and virtual reel is known as ‘virtual reel mapping’, and this is the process of the weighted virtual reel deciding on the combination based on various numerical factors. The result is mapped onto the physical paper slot that we all see when we play. This happens very fast and evidences the high speeds that slot machines need to work at.

Online Slots

We no longer live in a world where physical slots are our only option. Now, we are lucky enough to be able to utilise free online slots through various online casinos too. Many of these sites even have themed slot machines that give users more reason to play and enjoy. You can enjoy an Indiana Jones slot or a Disney-themed slot quickly and easily. Since the advent of more online-based casinos, users have enjoyed slots on their mobiles and laptops, making the casino experience both portable and accessible. However, there is a lot more involved in creating these online slots than people may believe.

Top-quality software providers like PlayTech, NetEnt, and Microgaming have spent years perfecting their craft and making the best online slot games for their users. Through clever design, unique coding, random number generators, and a focus on the user interface and experience, these providers have been able to replicate the feel of a real casino experience through the internet.

The designers must code the game and ensure that it is playable. They must also account for the positioning of buttons on the machine and how it will work once it is spinning. They are responsible for the visual aspect of the slot and strive to make it eye-pleasing. Most importantly, they must use a random number generator and incorporate that successfully into the slot whilst ensuring that symbols are associated with each number and that each number is weighted accordingly to ensure the fairest game possible. While the online portion is more technical than the physical slot, the technology in both of them is state of the art, and to this day, it still holds its own as being the best possible way of fairly providing the slot machine experience.

What Is the Future of Slots Technology?

With the ongoing development of virtual and online slot machines, people should be very excited about what will come in the future. What started in the early 1900s to provide entertainment has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Over the last decade, that phenomenon has grown even more. Now, Irish players can deposit to online casinos via PayPal and play online slot machines at their own convenience and leisure.

When it comes to the future, the two main focus areas focus on improving and enhancing security measures, particularly as the online sector grows. This is done through SSL encryption and eCOGRA. However, there is always room for improvement, and technological advances have proven that over the last number of years. Secondly is the shift to VR and the ability to put on a mask or a virtual reality helmet and pull a lever like you would in real life. This may take some time to get right, but it is truly the next step. 

Final Words

Slot machines will always be the king of the casino, and understanding the basics behind how they operate can help you become a better gambler. This is because blindly pulling a lever or pressing your phone may be fun but knowing the science behind the slot is what we promote. Both the physical and online slots have their pros and cons, and although both differ in many ways, they are similar in that they both require high-end technology to ensure that they work correctly and fairly. 

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