Tales of Berseria was officially announced in June 2015 for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 and today Namco Bandai pleased to announce that next year it will also come to PC via Steam.

Tales of Berseria will also come to the PC – New details; Screenshots and Trailer


The story is starring with Velvet, the first female character and individual in the series. Velvet was a friendly young woman who, after a traumatic experience, her gentle nature was replaced by an uncontrollable rage and hatred, giving her left hand with a special skill.

Tales of Berseria explore the confrontation with Velvet and strong emotions, that precedes emotions and stick to the right. The immense power in her left hand is not only the key to the plot, but it also symbolizes her anger.

The fourth character designed (Mutsumi Inomata, Kosuke Fujishima, Minoru Iwamoto and Daigo Okumura) of Tales of Zestiria return in Tales of Berseria,. Velvet was designed by Mutsumi Inomata, while Laphicet was designed by Minoru Iwamoto with voice acting Azumi Asakura.

Producers and artists have created a contrast between the two characters, being the personification of Velvet shade while Laphicet was created in the image of Light, also play an important role in history.

With roots in the “Linear Motion Battle System”, the battle system Tales of Berseria have evolved as follows:

  • Controlling player is default
  • The player can rotate the camera freely
  • The player can assign multiple arts at any of the buttons, allowing different arts can be linked for attack combinations.

These are just some of the deployments. Soon there will be more details on the new additions. There is still no estimated date, but we know that it will come out during the course of 2016.

Tales _of_Berseria

Tales _of_Berseria

Tales _of_Berseria

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