Begins the flood of rumors (though they are almost confirmed) on the imminent announcement of the third installment of history’s most famous gangster in the world of video games talking about Mafia 3. Games Take-Two has registered several domains to secure the title of Mafia 3 in several URLs. Definitely, this does not mean it will come out soon, as these domains will expire in two years, so we can keep waiting a little longer.

Mafia 3 Allegedly featuring 3 New Characters and Set in Louisiana


The open world component joined with the restriction period setting and the criminal dramatization, based on Unreal Engine 4 eventual absolutely great. Moreover, in 2014, Take-Two had made a call to actors who have “Italian accent” and “accent Louisiana” for Franklin, Tony and Mickey characters, so the game could be well advanced in its production.

Franklin is in his mid 20s, and “knows how to accomplish a job at any expense”. Tony is in his mid 30s, and is evidently “a genius with numbers and measurements who runs games wagering operations”. At long last, Mickey is in his late high schoolers, who “preferences to run his mouth” and goes about as a road trickster. Unfortunately, he can’t back his grandiose talk up with much.

For the moment we don’t have more information about this new release, but it is already certain that Mafia 3 is alive and on track. Below you can see the details of registered domains.



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