Many gamers showed their displeasure when CD Projekt RED had announced that their open-world RPG Cyberpunk 2077 could only be played in first-person perspective. Since the game has been out for several days and some of them still considering that it would not hurt to put an option to play it in the third person, some modders got down to work and began to experiment with the game’s camera.

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The YouTube channel Cineagle is one of them, and in the video above, we can see how the protagonist V looks in the third person. Clearly it was never in the studio plans to add a third person mode, which is why the posture and animations look a bit ridiculous when walking or running. While this is an initial mod (expected to be released soon to the public) by Cineagle, it is unlikely that this can be easily fixed unless animations from another character or model from the game are used.

Recently, a hotfix for the game was released on all platforms. Head on over here to see what it fixes.

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