While the PC platform, is having a clear superiority over our Consoles, but on the PC own family, we have a little debate that can heat the most fraternal meetings of the Master Race. AMD or NVIDIA, economy versus performance, quality versus profit, is the discussions that arise which you are choosing the best bet for yourself.

According to Survey 4 out of 5 PC users Prefer the Graphics Card from NVIDIA Camp

amd-nvidia-discrete-gpu-market-share But nothing speaks more clearly than the hard data of a survey or information gathered from specialized sites. In this case, Mercury Research who puts the decision: The market is leaning further to NVIDIA from 77% occupied in the last quarter of 2014 to 82% today. This means that 4 out of 5 GPUs installed in our computer systems are from green camp, leaving AMD with only 18% of the base.

Whereas the Fury X has not been the great revolution that promised, or presenting a better cost / benefit than Titan X or 980Ti. This major difference is likely due to the implementations of AMD, which they have done in past years to launch re-branded Core GPUs.