Soon after Microsoft’s open invitation to other console developers i.e, Sony for enabling cross-network support between top three gaming platforms, Sony made some comments regarding the matter, hinting that they may actually go for the option.

Support for Cross-Network Play “Could Be Easy”, Says President of Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studio’s president Shuhei Yoshida while speaking with the Eurogamer said that it “Could Be Easy”. Actually by the term ‘easy’, he referred to the technical work required in the matter. Yoshida stated that the company has supported cross-network play between PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC in many games, mainly in Rocket League and Street Fighter 5.

But in the matter of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there would be some work required, although it will not be that difficult and could be done.

“I understand their policies changed, right? They’re saying they’re going to do cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC with some games.

“Because PC is an open platform it’s much more straightforward [compared to Xbox One]. Connecting two different closed networks is much more complicated, so we have to work with developers and publishers to understand what it is they are trying to accomplish.

“We also have to look at the technical aspect. The technical aspect could be the easiest. We also have to look at policy issues and business issues as well.”

It looks that the part of business is what provoking Sony to take any major step in this regard. Earlier, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainments also said that they are willing to discuss about the cross-network play support with any developers or publishers as they have been doing it before as well.

We may hear something bigger anytime soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Eurogamer

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