A few months after its official announcement, Metalhead Software brought the first gameplay video of the new iteration of the Super Mega Baseball series with release date in 2017, this time the game will support Multiplayer online and will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Super Mega Baseball 2 – First Gameplay Trailer

Like its previous entry, Super Mega Baseball 2 presents the unique “Ego” system that offers total control of the difficulty for each user. Developers have been praised for his ability to level the playing field in both cooperative and competitive mode. This system provides a challenge for experienced players, while at the same time low difficulty for new baseball fans.

New features include:

  • Totally new graphics: Models improved characters, new stadiums and updated, modernized user interface, all with the personality and spirit that characterizes his predecessor.
  • Customizing the player and the league: You will be able to arm league baseball ever wanted and can customize teams and players in the league. Choose the number of teams in your league and customize the logos and uniforms of each team. You can also customize the statistics and appearance of each player.
  • Cooperativoy support for multiplayer: Now you can play SMB2 in head to head mode through multiplayer offline online.También you can play either alone or cooperatively. In cooperative modes, your teammates will take turns to batting / running each time it is the turn of batting, and will alternate throw / field actions in each inning, challenging players to be alert on each play.
  • Refined Gameplay: Like his previous release, Super Mega Baseball 2 presents solid controls but, this time, is characterized by improved gameplay and a more realistic scale.