During last summer when NVIDIA released its shield portable Console powered by Android at that time they put everyone in a shock as Shield was equipped with better graphic design chip and mobile processor. We can say it was a first time when NVIDIA was responsible for the entire device. So the product is now evolving and the news is “NVIDIA is preparing a successor of the Shield, a Shield tablet it’ll most likely come in a hybrid or convertible form.” There is also news leaked from foreign media that this Shield 2 will be equipped with a Tegra K1 super chip.

Nvidia Shield 2 tablet

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) website has revealed this news on twitter, the GCF has describes Nvidia’s new device as a “Notebook / Tablet,” indicating that it’ll most likely come in a hybrid or convertible form. If this news comes true, then SHIELD 2 will not only a gamer tablet but also 2-in-1 package, easy to convertible in the form of a tablet and give you great flexibility over its predecessor. Shield 2 may also be equipped with other uses, such as web browsing.

It is speculated that it could have a multi-touch screen of 7.9 inches, will also feature attachable accessories that make its look very similar to the Razer Edge Gaming Tablet powered by AMD.