According to Samsung Electronics the successor of current DDR4 memory, which is still unnamed arriving in prototype form in 2018, but its adoption will begin to start before 2020.

Successor of the DDR4 will reach 6.40 GHz


Currently, the DDR4 memory is very green, as there are very few performance improvements versus DDR3 memory and the difference in cost is very high, while graphics cards have already made ​​the leap to memory usage High -bandwidth Memory (HBM), the motherboards will house a new type of memory that promises to achieve a frequency of 6400 MHz reaching a bandwidth up to 51.2 GB / s. These reports would be available in modules of up to 32 GB capacity  with a new manufacturing process to 10nm  will improve the life cycle of the DDR4.

To give us an idea, today the DDR4 memory has a limited top speed around 4260 MHz (JEDEC standard). To achieve these speeds and capabilities, Samsung considers making use of an optical interface in a package 2.5D or 3D.


Luckily for those who have made ​​the jump to DDR4 memory, there are still many years ahead for new details.

Via: KitGuru