Four years after its official launch, having been eight years in development, Bombergames has released a new version of this fabulous remake of one of the Beat ’em most memorable of all time ups.

After its  release from the final version (5.0) in March 2011, SEGA had no choice but to force Bombergames to withdraw from the project and consequently remove the download links, but the project in one way or another if the illegality updated again with a huge list of changes and improvements.

You can read the list of correction of errors and new features in the thread of his official site.

Streets of Rage Remake – New version 5.1

Streets of Rage Remake

Link to download Streets of Rage Remake 5.1

Streets of Rage Remake faithfully reproduces the phases of the three original games, with some improvements. But also invented many new, bringing the number of possible scenarios to 103. We will have the opportunity to start the game at four different points, and from there move forward with the possibility to cross-roads because they often can choose between two outputs, making each game we can choose a totally different route.

Starting with the characters, in addition to the original 6 (Axel, Blaze, Adam, Max, Skate and Zan) added another 6 that you can unlock:

  • The kangaroo Roo, originally unlockable in Streets of Rage II.
  • Mr. X, the final boss of the three games.
  • Shiva, originally unlockable in Streets of Rage III.
  • Ash, character eliminated in the PAL and American versions of Streets of Rage III, as it represents a gay stereotype. In versions where it appeared, you could unlock, thus being playable by.
  • Elle, common enemy that appears in Streets of Rage II and III.
  • Rudra, brand new female character, ninja style.

Regarding the music, the game features great remixes of the original songs of the musician Yuzo Koshiro. At the beginning of each phase, we will even notify the name of the song that sounds. The sound effects are remastered from the original of the three games, plus adding surround sound versions.

And if all this were not enough, if all possible combinations were not enough, Streets of Rage Remake comes with a lot of extras:

  • Editor Colors of characters.
  • Names Editor enemies.
  • Game scenario editor.
  • Image Gallery.
  • Battle Mode.
  • Survival Mode.
  • Fighting bosses mode.
  • Volleyball mode.
  • Player cooperative controlled by the AI.
  • Shop for unlocking tricks and new modes and characters, which will exchange the points that we won the game.
  • Unspeakable settings to adjust parameters for the gameplay is closest to Streets of Rage 1, 2 or 3.

We can also play with a controller segundor player artificial intelligence, choosing different types of behaviors for the same.

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