Capcom leaves its mark on the Prime PAX this year with the introduction of a new character for Street Fighter V. As expected this time it is the turn to repeat offender of the franchise, with origins in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Rainbow Mika.

Street Fighter V reveal trailer and screenshots for R. Mika


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I how some of you know this character, her fighting style is like wrestling, she is the fan of  Zangief which aims to follow in his footsteps. This time will also be assisted by fellow Nadeshiko.

R. Mika is already included in the new playable demo of the game, together with the other characters announced Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Vega, M. Bison, Birdie, Charlie Nash, and Necalli.

Street Fighter V will arrive exclusively to the PC platform and Playstation 4 with the possibility of Crossplay in the spring of next year.