After filtration of the screenshots presented earlier today, Capcom showcased a spectacular new trailer for Street Fighter V, where we can see the new Combat system. Something which had not appeared in previous games of the series.

Street Fighter V – Gameplay Trailer introduces new Combat Mechanics


The new trailer tells us about the different offensive and defensive variants that use the V-Gauge bar.The possibilities are three, beginning with “V-Skill” which are simple character unique abilities.Accompany the “V-Reversal”, using a portion of the bar counter and allow almost any combo, similar to what can be done in Mortal Kombat; and finally, “V-Trigger”, which is a special skill that consume the entire bar, similar to the Focus Attack of the previous game.

Closes the show presenting the Critical Arts, which are just the same as the Ultra Combos 4, but under another name (but do not specify the conditions to implement them).

On the other side on note after the teaser leaked few weeks ago, Yoshinori Ono has decided that the Playstation Experience is not enough to repeat what he had seen around the world and announced that their Street Fighter V will be cross-platform play between PC and PS4.

Street Fighter V will arrive in early next year, and will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC.