STMicroelectronics, one of a couple semiconductor makers from Europe, said that it would not build up 10nm process technology. Basically, this implies that the organization will close its chip fabricating office in Crolles, France, eventually.

“We do not have any 10nm planned, and we do not have any activity to invest in 10nm,” said Carlo Bozotti, said CEO of STMicroelectronics, in conference with firm’s financial partners and analysts.

Clearly, 14nm process node will be the last methodology grew by STMicroelectronics and the organization won’t deliver any chips utilizing 10nm procedure itself. Going ahead the organization will probably outsource creation of driving edge chips to contract makers. Inevitably, its own particular semiconductor producing office will be closed down, yet that is not going to happen right away.

STMicroelectronics used to outline its process advancements together with NXP, Freescale and TSMC Co. Sooner or later, its Crolles Alliance was disbanded and STMicroelectronics started to permit assembling courses of action from IBM and adjust them at its office in Crolles, France. Since IBM is going to offer its microelectronics specialty unit to GlobalFoundries, the organization will no more create manufacture forms. Thus, STMicroelectronics will be not able to permit manufacturing tech.

Sadly, it would appear that after 14nm, Europe won’t have its own particular fabricating technology.
Credit: Electronics weekly

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