SteamSpy is a new data tool developed by Sergey Galyonkin gives us tons of data about Steam. Number of units sold per game, average hours of game playing habits by region, gender statistics, etc. The amount of data is huge.

SteamSpy reveals sales statistics and information Valve refuses to give

steam-users-by-country steam-owners-by-country

Keep in mind that the mechanism used by the creator of the web, Sergey Galyonkin, resulting in a margin of error that can cause data presented here are not always 100% reliable. However, considering the darkness that had been kept Steam trade statistics for the general public, this web opens a window to many interesting facts.
For example DOTA2, the giant MOBA Valve, the game is the number of players and longer overall game. However, the football simulator Football Manager 2015 outperforms Dota 2 in average hours per player, ranking this in the first place.

Geographically, DOTA 2 divides his players mainly from Russia, USA, China, and the Philippines. Demonstrating the enormous impact the MOBA genre in the growing Asian market. And Brazil is not far behind, ranking 5th place among countries with more players DOTA 2. But as expected, Football Manager 2015 is barely played in the US, this title being played by many players in France and the UK.

Old games, but with long legs remain among the top positions. When you open the statistics for the United States (with distance, the largest market in Steam), surprised to see The Elder’s Scrolls V: Skyrim and Sid Meier’s Civilization V occupying the third and fourth places respectively in reference to the number of players in the past two weeks.

Analyzing latest games, we can see that successful Cities: Skylines and has sold nearly a million copies in Steam. What gives body to the sayings of Paradox few days ago about the game had already surpassed one million units sold (do not forget that this page only collects statistics on Steam and not other retailers such as Pillars of Eternity, the recent hit Obsidian, has already reached 250,000 copies sold, and adds to the successes of the Wasteland 2 (500,000 copies) and Divinity: Original Sin (almost 900,000 copies) showing that the interest in a classic CRPG is in force.

As for the local. If we analyze the statistics for Argentina we discover that Free-to-play games in charge. Surprising the amount of people playing Unturned, the zombie game Free-to-play “minecraft style.”Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2 and Garry’s Mod is also among the most played in the country.

One thing that stands out: Counter Strike 1.6 and Age of Empires II (in its HD version) also get in the top20 of the most played in the country. It seems that there are still many nostalgic for the days of the cafes there early millennium.

These statistics for the country also reflect the fact that not many people who can access the latest hardware in Argentina. The high cost of PC hardware, combined with an unstable economy, leading many PC players to bet on games operated in a more discreet hardware. Luckily the PC is the platform that never leaves you behind, and Steam have hundreds of great classics and separate games to enjoy not require us to have the latest GPU market. Hopefully in the future more people that can access better quality of hardware and see a change in these statistics

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