Just a few days ago Phantom Squad said that during the coming Christmas holidays will carry out DDoS attacks on PSN service, Steam and Xbox Live. Even before one could suspect that threats are not without coverage because that group has already released interfering with the functioning of Grand Theft Auto Online and Reddit servers. Phantom Squad turned out to be impatient and already conducted a brief attack on Xbox Live.

Steam, Xbox Live And PSN Again Threatened By DDoS Attack


The attack Distributed Denial of Service is not very sophisticated, but effective way to block the site and relies on overloading its servers by generating huge traffic. It was so recently attacked Microsoft’s servers. It should be noted that the Xbox Live service was available only for a few hours and now has been running flawlessly. Problems have been officially confirmed by the representative of the company from Redmond, although not awarded publicly that the guilty interruption in access to a network service DDoS attack. Still, that’s what says the Phantom Squad, who pleaded guilty to causing problems with the servers. In addition, cyber criminals announced that Xbox Live has been good only because they decided to stop the attack. Of course hard to acknowledge that for the whole situation corresponds to the Phantom Squad, but it is very possible.

It is also unclear why criminals could opt for an earlier attack, since previously announced that it will carry out its activities during the Christmas holidays. It is possible that this was some kind of test, although you can also assume that the pseudo-hackers are not guided by any higher goals. We have already told them that their attacks are supposed to show users that security does not really exist, that does not seem too rational action. In the end, repulse a DDoS attack is very difficult and hard to defend against it. In addition, it has nothing to do with the safety of customers, because it affects only the operation of servers and does not cause any data leakage. Of course the biggest victims would be players who again could not spend a free day at the console. At the same time it would be a big loss for Microsoft’s image, which after last year’s raid promised that draw conclusions from it and properly secure their services.

If the last break in the action on Xbox Live actually was caused by DDoS attack, it would mean that the Redmond company, however, is not prepared for further such activities. It remains to be hoped that Steam and PlayStation Network are better prepared, and the players again will not have to suffer because of the actions Phantom Squad group.