Microsoft’s Windows 10 64-bit has finally managed to overtake the previous most popular operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7 64-bit and taking the current lead as most popular operating system ever.

Steam Survey Shows Popularity Windows 10 64-bit, Market Hold of NVIDIA GPU and Intel CPU

According to the latest survey data which was collected recently by Steam, Windows 10 64-bit is now the most used operating system among PC gamers, with percentage usage of 36.97, up to 2.96 percent increase in the usage as compared with the second last hardware and software survey. Have a look on figures below;

steam hw survey

And the usage of operating system in numbers is attached below;


Microsoft’s Windows 7 64-bit remained number one choice for PC gamers for many years until March 2016. Currently, it has a percentage of 32.99 and reported a decline in usage of up to 1.22 percent lately. Numbers of PC users switching to Windows 10 has been increasing every time we hear about the market share, although the OS was released around 8 months ago.

Another factor contributing in the shift of PC gamers towards Windows 10 is reportedly due to Microsoft’s new API, DirectX 12 which greatly influences the gaming performance and the new games are also DirectX 12 supported. Currently, Microsoft’s Windows 10 has managed to gain the market share of 14.5%, installed on more than 270 million devices.

Moreover, the survey also noted about hardware used by most of PC gamers, where NVIDIA GPUs still capture the market by 56.35% and around 25.5% gamers are using an AMD GPU. While rest of the 17.77% users are using Intel built-in High Definition GPUs.

Steam HW survey

Intel, as usually has been leading the market for CPUs since many years, and 76.67% of Steam gamers own Intel’s CPUs, while rest of the 23.33% uses AMD’s CPUs.

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