It’s confirmed! The Steam Summer Sale 2016 will be starting from later this month. One Reddit user MrFreemanBBQ posted an image of an email he received from PayPal services, confirming the Steam Summer sales beginning date and asking the user to get ready for making the purchases during the sale. Here’s an image of the email which user received;

Steam Summer Sale is on the way 

steam summer sale

A Tweet from PayPal UK official account also confirmed it:

Obviously, gamers can expect the major discounts on games, yet Valve really has a greater stake in the current year deal than generally others. Above all else, Valve has as of late doubled-down on its unique Steam controller – and it wouldn’t be all that astounding to see a major rebate on the publisher’s hardware. Regardless of whether that’ll really sum to anything stays to be seen… But considering how inadequately gotten the Steam Controller has been, a discount might be short of what was expected.

Given the majority of the news leaving E3, news of Alienware’s second version of a Steam Machine and Valve’s doubling down all Steam controllers, I think we can expect a considerable measure of good offers from this season of deals.

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