Steam, the largest digital gaming store offered summer sale every year and just a few days ago, we saw games in the store with discount up to 50% on every game.

Steam Summer Sale 2016 was a huge success with almost 37 million sales

Although the discount was less as compared with the summer sale of 2015, because last year, it was up to 66.67%. Also, this was the first summer sale offered without any daily deals and flash sales, but none of this stopped gamers from making purchases.

As per the new report published by SteamSpy, this year’s sale was better than all the previous sales and especially much better than last year’s sale. The report suggests that the sales increased revenue almost by 40% more than last year, with big increase in users from 130 to 175 million. The report adds;

“This year they were a bit more evenly distributed across the whole sale period with a spike around the first weekend.”

The summer sale 2015 resulted in generating around $160 million by selling 33 million copies, while this year, the store recorded sales of 36.8 million copies and resulting in generating the revenue of up to $223.2 million. The summer sale for this year started from June 23rd and ran until July 4th.