Sergey Galyonkin, creator of Steam Spy, published a new report on the sale of games on Steam. It shows that last year the service Valve has increased the number of concurrent users on Steam from 8 Million to 12 Million and helped over 350 million paid games find new owners. This generated more than 3.5 billion dollars in revenue. Earned more than the creator of GTA 5 (Rockstar), of course not surprising.

Today, the creator of Steam Spy revealed some other interesting information, including revenues from sales of specific titles. Last year in Steam debut over 3000 new games (Vs. 1900 in 2014). It was noted that in recent months the number of premier stabilized at a value of about 275 games per month, although earlier for two years has steadily increased.

In 2015 Sold Games On Steam Generated More Than 3.5 Billion Dollars In Revenues


From the report of Steam Spy we also know that game sales totaled more than 3.5 billion dollars. Importantly, Galyonkin has not counted the allowances and payments F2P games in this case, for example Dota 2 or Team Fortress 2. Given the popularity of the production of Valve, you can say with certainty the result would have been much better. Detailed statistics are carried out from April (Steam Spy is running from that time).


Monthly statements look interesting, especially for titles offered in Steamworks only version on Steam. So it is even GTA V, or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, whose editions on the most popular platform PCs are just only in the service Valve (another record accordingly in the Social Club or Gog and Origin). We also know that the best month in terms of revenue was December, but a very good result also recorded in April, with a rather small number of copies sold, at least for the last month of 2015. The reason was, of course, release of GTA 5 for PC.


At the end you can see the list of games that have generated the most revenue from the baseline. In the first statement, we find all the popular titles, and in the second you can find only those that were issued in 2015.


Source: Steam Spy

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