The valve is in luck, because yesterday they managed to set a new record, collecting more than 12 million players connected simultaneously and everyone in its Steam platform, a record that comes within hours of closing Christmas deals.

Steam Reaches 12 Million Concurrent Users At The End Of Its Christmas Sale


Specifically, around 13:55 pm EST, 12,333,557 people were playing some game on Steam, of which 940,370 were in the Dota 2 and Counter-Strike with 652,925 players vying for domination. Fallout 4 was a distant third with “only” 116,827 individuals wandering through the wasteland. This totals nearly 10% of the total user-base online at any one time.

During Christmas deals, Valve promises hefty discounts in hundreds of games, offers were rotated on a daily basis and there is no doubt in it that deals were better than previous years.

Steam’s growth is noteworthy, if not expected for anybody familiar with the business. Value has by a wide margin turn into the highest quality level for game distribution, a parity of satisfying both players and game developers. Comparative services like EA’s Origin and Ubisoft’s Uplay have attempted to win the hearts of players given their regularly hostile interfaces and issues with excessively prohibitive DRM. Or more all else, any game that players can buy on Origin or Uplay, they ordinarily wish they could simply purchase on Steam.

Via: Tweaktown

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