Steam comes with something new when they announced the Steam Machines, the performance of the PC and pleasure of Consoles in gaming for the consumer and it’s seems like this Idea is working greatly. As in CES 2014 there are more than 14 Steam Machines reviled in the world. All the Steam machines support their own Steam Operating System not windows/linux. Now Steam Global released Steam OS New Update, and this new update will support the AMD and Intel Core Graphic, but still this update not resolve the problem of Nvidia and Intel Graphic Core Switching. Also, in this update some improvements in gaming performance included. If we talk about the system requirements of Steam OS,  Someone wants to use it in his PC than requirements are 64-bit Processors, 500 GB HDD space with 4Gb memory and UEFI boot mode will do a job.

Additionally from Steam OS team, that this will automatically update previous version of Steam OS, and players can also download it manually from the Official Website.