The Steam Machines were announced almost two years ago, a lot has happened since then, but at that time Valve has not released their computers with console size to gain popularity on the contrary, since these consoles are limited to run games only, and the most important factor which is dragging them in the void of worst possible combination is a high price.

Steam Machines A predictable Failure?


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For example, Dell has already released the final price of its “powerful console” in several different models, although the best Alienware Alpha  in terms of price / performance integrates a CPU Intel Core i5-4590T @ 3.00 GHz accompanied by 8 GB DDR3 memory an HDD of 1TB @ 7200 RPM, 802.11ac WiFi connectivity with the Bluetooth and the most important detail of all, the graphics card, which we only know that it is an “Nvidia GeForce GTX GPU with 2GB GDDR5 memory“.

If we rely on other models, we will see GeForce GTX 750 Ti, but the Steam Machine version of the Windows 8.1 will arrive later years, so hopefully we will see the use of least one GeForce GTX 950. All this will entail an expenditure of 839 euros, at this price tag someone can easily build a gaming PC with a Micro-ATX or ITX computer with at least one GTX 970 to run any high quality title you throw at it.

If we go for the cheapest model (599 euros) we will have to settle with a Core i3-4130T @ 2.39 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and hard disk @ 5400 RPM 500 GB. Well, there is no doubt that for this price tag these configurations are thousand times more profitable a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but it will be impossible for Steam Machine to stand up against the consoles due to exclusive titles.