Through the SteamDB Twitter account, it has been revealed that Valve has implemented new measures on Steam to restrict and / or block the purchases of users from other countries via VPN, in those countries where certain titles have lower prices.

In the statement, Valve clarifies that those users who have moved to other countries or live in them for a long period of time, will be able to update the configuration of that country’s currency, after making the first purchase using a payment method or corresponding currency. If the location of the country does not correspond to the payment of your local currency, it can be changed in the shopping cart or when making the payment.

In short, if a user from another country (an American, for example) wants to buy games in Argentina (in Argentine pesos converted to dollars), they will no longer be able to do so, which means that – at least Argentines – we will be safe from sudden and high price increases, as has happened on several occasions.

We will keep you informed about these new measures that will surely benefit countries whose currency is severely undervalued or have taxes on foreign purchases or digital services (such as Argentina, Pakistan, Mexico, and others).


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