Some years ago, Valve’s popular digital gaming store Steam used to offer flat discounts on games that even some games which were already discounted, would get another layer of discount, thus cutting the price way down so that people should decide to purchase the game.

These discounts came under the category of Flash Sales which used to cut the prices so down to draw the attention of people with such a great offer. These Flash Sales were taken down by Valve a long time ago but according to a new leak, Valve is planning to launch these sales again in the near future.

The word was confirmed by Tyler McVicker from Valve’s New Network, who also provided similar news in the past regarding the platform. In his tweet, he said that developers can discount their titles for about 6 to 12 hours so that players can feel the sale as something like an event.

Many titles were discounted heavily by the developers without a prior notice and most often, the players who didn’t check the Steam store page at the right time regretted for not getting a right deal as discounts used to vary from time to time. Apart from the flash sales, we do get the seasonal sales such as Summer sale, Christmas sale and others, with fixed prices throughout the sales period.

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While we are not sure whether the Flash Sales will make its return, we do hope that it would happen sometime soon or Valve makes official announcement in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates!

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